Jerzy Maksymiuk

I worked with Mr. Maciej Koczur as my assistant on several extremely difficult pieces:

  • Concerto for Orchestra - Witold Lutosławski,
  • Concerto Grosso for three cellos and orchestra - Krzysztof Penderecki
  • The Symphony No. 4 in B-flat major, Op. 60 - Ludwig van Beethoven

Maciej can be characterised as a very musical person. Also he has a very good conducting technique and clear beat. Pieces of music conducted by Maciej always have unique final shape. What is more Maciej perfectly communicates with musicians playing in the orchestra.

Jerzy Maksymiuk

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Massimiliano Caldi

I've had the opportunity to meet Mr. Maciej Koczur at the Lódz Philarmonic "A. Rubinstein" the last february, during a symphonic production with me as guest conductor: he prepared the orchestra with session and "tutti" rehearsals because I couldn't arrive to Lódz since the very beginning of the week.

At my arrival, I've found the orchestra professionaly ready and very well disposed to follow my indications: it means, of course, that Mr. Koczur had the cleverness to focus on the most important passages of the pieces (Mendelssohn's 4th symphony and Rossini's overture from "L'Italiana in Algeri") in order to "deliver" to me the orchestra absolutely ready.

As well as I understand, Mr. Koczur, despite his young age, has a so good professional preparation (from a general point of view but also in the specific repertoire he's going to manage, time after time) that permits him to focus immediately on the concrete needs of the orchestra (....)

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Daniel Raiskin

Maciej Koczur worked as assistant conductor of the “A. Rubinstein” Philharmonic Orchestra in Lodz through the 2013-2014 season.

During the time we worked together, he proved to be an accomplished and interesting musician with a sharp ear and clear vision.

Maciej has fine musical intuition and is always open to new ideas. He works hard which enables him to quickly learn new repertoire.
Maciej Koczur has a good sense of humor and a forward personality. These qualities as well his skills of musician and conductor, combined with his knowledge of repertoire, bring good results with the orchestras he works with.

I am therefore pleased to recommend Maciej Koczur as conductor wishing him all the best and much success for his career.

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Paweł Przytocki

I am very happy to take this opportunity to recommend Maciej Koczur. He was e student in Music Academy Krakow in my conducting class from 2008 to 2013.

I was greatly impressed by his clean immaculate technique, outstanding musicality, and real understanding of musical styles which strikes very deep.

Maestro Koczur is a musician of the first class and an excellent conductor.

I highly recommend him to your attention.

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Marek Chołoniewski

(…)Maciej conducted remarkably Landscape IV as well as the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra at the Cage Conference, which took place last October.

(...)As part of the  Luigi Russolo Year(2013) concerts performed in Solvay Contemporary Art Centre contained Maciej’s original compositions  (26/07/2013) and highly innovative interpretation of the Lutosławski Concerto for Orchestra (08/26/2013).

During last edition of International Contemporary Music Festival in Kraków Maciej Koczur brilliantly conducted the Last Minute Orchestra, an experimental band performing Passage 2013 composed by me.For many years Maciej has shown remarkable creativity interpreting both classical and contemporary repertoire. He is a gifted conductor who has intuition, is extremely precise and has loads of expression and creativity.(...)

M. Chołoniewski

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Carl Petersson

…I was immediately struck by Mr. Koczur’s professionality, engagement and commitment. He impressed me so much I engaged him to conduct the Edvard Gireg piano concerto with me as a soloist for a tour my partner Gunnar Dalborg of GDM Marketing organised. We did seven concerts in Sweden and Poland in March 2013. Mr Koczur did very well and one of the bigger newspapers, Kristianstadsbladet, of Southern Sweden called Mr Koczur a real star as well as a name to remember.

I want to point out that this was also the impression by the concert going audience who gave Mr. Koczur a standing ovation after every concert!

To my mind, as a conductor Mr. Koczur’s musicality is not only endowed with unordinary virtuosity,

standing out even in these times of proficiency amongst conductors, but - more importantly - it is graced by elegance, taste, sense of style and unforced Romantic grandeur. (...)

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